List of fictional martial arts

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View detail of all martial arts in the world. Each country have their own unique martial arts fighting style. Read more to view detail and video clips about this special unique martial arts.

Many works of fiction such as movies and books have characters that practice martial arts. Usually they practice existing martial arts, such as Judo or Aikido, but sometimes a martial art is made up for dramatic purposes or to lend a fictional world a sense of authenticity. This is a list of such martial arts, sorted by the medium of the fictional work they appear in.

Not all articles written by Smith as Gilbey were jokes, however, and some of his articles written under this pseudonym were completely serious.

Jin Yong, the Chinese martial arts writer, has numerous martial arts which have been made up, such as the 18 dragon warding palms/kicks.

Numerous Capcom games, particularly their Street Fighter fighting game series, contains some fictional martial arts

Sidereal Styles:

Terrestrial Styles

Celestial Styles

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