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View detail of all martial arts weapons in the world. Each martial arts have their own unique weapons fighting style. Read more to view detail and video clips about this special unique martial arts.

The Chinese weapon known as the pudao (??, literally: celtis sabre) was originally an edged infantry weapon which is still used for training in many Chinese martial arts. The pudao is also known as the horse-cutter sword since it was used to slice the legs out from under a horse during battle. The blade of a pudao is shaped like a Chinese broadsword, but the weapon has a longer handle usually around one and a half to two meters (about four to six feet) which is circular in cross section. It looks somewhat similar to a guandao but the difference is that a podao has a lighter and longer blade with a ring at the other end and is an infantryman’s weapon while a guandao has a heavier blade with a longer haft, a pointed tip at the other end and is usually a cavalryman’s weapon.

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