Choy Gar

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Choy Gar/Caijia Quan ???, Choy Family Fist (aka Rat Kung Fu), is a Chinese martial art that was created by Choy Gau Yee??? .

Having origins in the Southern Shaolin Temple it would be later combined with a variety of Snake Kung Fu to include lower stances and swifter footwork. Choy Gau Yee added more kicks to his style, thereby differentiating some of its longer range techniques from those of its Snake Kung Fu origins.

(cross pattern fist – ???)?

(Big Drum Heaven ???)

(Small Drumb Heaven ???)?

(Heaven Horizon ???)

(willow tree Broken Plum ???)

(Four elephant Fist ???)?

(Fist elbow ???)

(Six Including Fist – ???)

(100 Birds Turn Over Nest – ????)

(Single End Stick – ???)

(Double End Stick – ???)

(Choy Ga 3 Arrow Big Arrowhead and so on – ???????)

(Fast & CLever – ????)

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