Wind and fire wheels

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Wind and fire wheels (traditional Chinese: ???; simplified Chinese: ???; pinyin: Feng Huo Lun) are mêlée weapons, wielded as a pair, associated with Chinese martial arts such as Baguazhang and Tai Chi Chuan.

Each wheel is a flat metal ring approximately 15 inches in diameter. One quarter-arc has a padded grip with a cross-guard; Opposite and adjacent arcs have protruding flame-styled blades. With one wheel in each hand, the practitioner can slash, stab, parry or disarm an opponent.

A contemporary proponent of the wind and fire wheels is Grandmaster Dr. L. Steve Sun[1]. He believes that practice with these blades accelerates development of chi (internal energy) due to both arms being weight-loaded and forced to interact with each other. Also, both wheels must be constantly active for coordinated flow to emerge.

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