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Meihua Quan (Chinese: ???; literally “Plum Flower Fist”) is a style of kung fu that originated in the northern provinces of China centuries ago. Meihuaquan is also known as Meihuazhuang ???.[1]

Meihuaquan has no single founder, it is characterized by five static positions intermixed with dynamic motion comprised of light rapid footwork and large flowing movements. With a simple expansive posture and built-in poise, Meihuaquan releases and strengthens the flow of energy to expand concentration of the mind[1] The basic training methods of Meihuaquan are simple and strong yet relaxed and highly adaptable.

Training in Meihuaquan includes eighteen types of traditional weapons, some of which are rarely seen weapons. Masters of Meihuaquan have a relaxed physical look and are free from rigidity in both thought and body postures. The practice of Meihuaquan can bring several benefits: good health, self-defense skills, enhanced prevention and recovery from illness, and improved mental ability.

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