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Sun-Kwan-Moo is the name of a Korean Seon ,(Chan),(Zen) Buddhist cultivation method for enlightenment, employing a martial art training regimen and meditations.

By the end of World War II, the art of Seon-Gwan-Moo (also Sun-Kwan-Moo, Korean: ???-???) was almost lost. In the years following the war, Yang-Ik (?????-?????) reassembled the remains of an old Vajrayana tradition – Keum–Kang-Yeong-Kwan (????-????) and developed its current style.

In the 1960s, Yang-Ik began to teach at the Bom-Oh (also Pomo,Korean – ???) Temple, the Korean equivalent of the famous Shaolin Temple of Chinese martial arts.[citation needed] One of his most outstanding disciples, Won-Uk Seunim (????) continue teaching his master’s art by the name Seon-Gwan-Moo (or Sunkwanmoo), and a couple of other prominent monks (such as Jeok-Un Seunim) teach other forms of the original art, as well. Kim Ji-Woong (???) is the head of the Sun-Kwan-Moo Headquarters in Seoul, and Kim Yeon-Sam (???) is the head of the Seong-Nam branch in South Korea. In Europe the only club currently operating is situated in Israel.

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