Vo Binh Dinh

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Võ Bình Ð?nh is a Vietnamese martial art.

Võ Bình Ð?nh originates from the Bình Ð?nh province, one of two provinces that formerly constituted the province of Nghia Binh. Also referred to as the traditional martial arts of Vietnam, it is known for its various elbow and staff techniques. The date is not clear when Võ Bình Ð?nh was founded, but is believed to be in the 18th century. There is no single founder for Võ Bình Ð?nh. Many of its practitioners credit the leadership of Nguy?n Hu? and his two brothers: Nguyen Nhac and Nguyen Lu. Under Hue’s leadership, warriors from Binh Dinh took part in what is now known as the Tay Son Uprising. This rebellion led to the unification of Viet Nam at that time and Nguyen Hue became King Quang Trung. He went on to defeat the Chinese Qing invaders in the North in an epic battle still celebrated in the country today.[citation needed] During the time of the French colonization some of the tradition was lost because all martial arts activity was forbidden.

Võ Bình Ð?nh assumes that the opponent is non-Vietnamese, larger and heavier, and thus teaches the martial artist to move quickly and continuously.

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