Luohan (martial arts)

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Luohan quan (Chinese: ???; pinyin: lúohànquan), also known as rakan ken (????) in Japanese, literally means “Arhat boxing”. The traditional story of its creation states that it was created by monks in the Shaolin Temple, by observing and imitating the forms and expressions of each Arhat Statue in the temple. Through meditation and practice, they created a form called “eighteen hand movements of Arhat”, which consisted of eighteen combat skills and techniques. Through this, 24 new movements were then created for advancing and retreating during combat.

Arhat Boxing or Luohan Quan has in total 108 different movements; from six different forms of fist movements, two forms of palm movements, four forms of locking and grappling. Each movement in the art of Arhat Boxing are simple and straight. Each movement represents the simplicity and beauty of the expressions of the Arhat Statues. Each powerful attack is hidden through the movements of Arhat forms.

In today’s usage, Luohan Quan has expanded into many various forms. One of those forms is called Xi Nu Luohan Quan which literally means Angry Happy Luohan Quan.

Here’s a quote from Xi Nu Luohan Quan

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