Rumi maki

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Rumi Maki is a martial art that was used by the Incas, it was developed by mixing the techniques of other cultures like Mochicas, Chavin, Tiahuanaco, etc. The name Rumi Maki is in Quechua, and it means “stone fist”

As any martial art, Rumi Maki is divided on 5 specified groups:

This system is concentrated in punches, blocks and all attacks referred to hands. The first level is an indigenous form of pugilism, it contains techniques of striking with the fists, open handed, elbows, claws and head butts.

This system focuses on all about foots and knees, how to attack and defend with them. The second level makes use of the legs to attack as well as block, parry and neutralize an adversaries attack.

This system is about grappling and hand to hand combat

This system is all about jumping and falling attacks, like flying kicks, that’s why the name of condor.

Although the last 4 systems are independent, this one is the combination of all them and is the maximum degree of Rumi Maki, here is also included weaponry and mixes from other martial art systems to make this martial art grow. in spanish in english

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