I Liq Chuan

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I Liq Chuan (Mental Physical[strength] Fist): I Liq Chuan is a relatively new Chinese Martial Art founded by its current Grand Master, Chin Lik Keong of Malaysia. As a system of Neijia Gung Fu, I-Liq Chuan emphasizes the development of internal power through mental attitude and awareness. His son Master Sam F.S. Chin structured and organized the system introduced it first to the USA. Since then, it has been spreading to many other countries including Russia, Australia, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus, Austria, Japan and in other countries as well.

I Liq Chuan evolved through Chin Lik Keong ??? dissolving, distilling and realizing the essence of the following Chinese martial arts: Lee Style from Sifu Lee Sum, Phoenix Eye from Sifu Len, and Feng Yang Lu Yi from Sifu Lee Kam Chow by Chin Lik Keong. [1]

These constitute the foundation of the learning process if I Liq Chuan:

1) Mechanism of the Body’s Movement
2) Three Dimensional Planes
3) Energy Force of Yin and Yang
4) Standing Meditation
5) Breathing Exercises
6) Footwork
7) Kicking
8) Power Training

1) The 21 Movement Form
2) The Butterfly Form which contains “”Fa Jing”” or explosive actions.

1) Spinning Hands
2) Sticky Hands
3) Chin-na
4) Sanshou

1) “”I Liq Chuan The Martial Art of Awareness”” by Master Sam F.S. Chin
2) I Liq Chuan System Guide by Master Sam F. S. Chin

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