Hoshin Roshi Ryu

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Hoshin roshi Ryu Jutaijutsu or (Hoshinjutsu) was founded in 1980 by Dr. Glenn Morris (1944-2006) a master instructor of Tien Tao Wei Shen Chi Kung and tenth dan in Bujinkan Taijutsu, he also studied Jujutsu,Judo,Boxing,wrestling,Tai Chi,Okinawan Karate,Savate and various forms of Kung fu. Hoshinjutsu is a combination of his various meditations, martial experience and healing arts which he studied for over 50 years. Dr. Morris obtained a PhD in Communication with specialization in Organizational and Industrial Psychology from Wayne State University and a Sci.D. in Trans personal Psychology from Euro technical Research University. He continued to gain experience in various subjects pertaining to health and healing including Humanistic Psychology, bodywork, Gestalt Therapy, Rubenfeld Synergy, Chinese Medicine, meditation and hypnosis.

After Dr. Morris’s death in 2006, the leadership of the organization was in question as no clear person was chosen, the result was a split of the Ryu.

Robert Williams was a direct student of Dr. Morris, after his death Williams founded his own system called Hoshin Budo ryu and continues to teach his system . Williams holds master level rank in all areas of Hoshin combat and esoteric training under Dr. Morris. Williams is a Hoshin Tao Chi Kung master and was trained and certified by Dr. Morris to teach and award rank in Hoshin Tao Chi Kung. He also taught and lectured with Dr. Morris on the subjects of Kundalini Awakening, energy healing, martial arts, ninpo and chi kung. Mr. Williams went through the full kundalini awakening in 1999 under the personal guidance of Dr. Morris.

Gordon Hessie was a direct student of Dr. Morris as well. After Dr. Morris’s death Hessie assumed the roll of Soke, later Hessie was elected as Nidai-Soke by Irena Mandich, Dr. Morris’s Croatian second wife and a board of senior Hoshin members at the Kai Zen 2006 (World Hoshin Gathering) in San Antonio, TX in July 2006. It was also confirmed in posthumous instruction by Mandich. Hessie was also inducted into the Sokeship Council for the World Multi Martial Arts Hall of Fame (WMMAHOF) in September 2006. He also tested and was awarded a rank of Godan in Bujinkan Taijutsu and the rank of Shidoshi.

Hoshinjutsu has a ranking system based on the Japanese Five Element philosophical model known as the Godai (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void). Each belt ranking represents a physiological energetic center and the techniques and meditations serve to balance the bio energetic functions of the body and mind. Hoshinjutsu techniques are based on simple movements and leverage, as opposed to athleticism or physical strength, meant for neutralizing the size and strength advantages of the attacker and techniques are drawn from martial systems from around the world.

Hoshinjutsu emphasizes development of the mind as well as the body through reading the works of the Masters, studying strategy, exploring anatomy and physiology, examining Eastern and Western Psychology and developing proficiency in the healing arts. Practicing kindness and consideration towards others is also a very important aspect of the system. The primary goal of Hoshinjutsu is to assist practitioners in developing their full potential in all aspects of their lives.

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