Gun (staff)

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The Chinese word Gun (Chinese: ?; pinyin: gùn) refers to a long Chinese staff weapon used in Chinese martial arts. It is known as one of the four major weapons, along with the Qiang (spear), Dao (sabre), and the Jian (sword), called in this group “The Grandfather of all Weapons”.

There are various kinds of gun (pronounced g-oo-en), and they include the following:

The types of gun normally used nowadays for exercises and competitions are the bailangan (simplified Chinese: ???; traditional Chinese: ???; pinyin: bái lángan) and the nangun (Chinese: ??; pinyin: nángùn).

Traditionally, the gun is made out of a material called wax wood, rather than bamboo as many people might think. Wax wood is strong, yet flexible, making it ideal as a material for the gun. The gun is fashioned with one thick end as the base and a thinner end near the tip, and is cut to be about the same height as the user. Today, more modern versions may be purchased made with metal and rubber parts.

For a demonstration of the wax wood style gun characteristics and techniques, see

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