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Taijutsu (???), literally meaning “body skill” or “body art”, is a term for Japanese martial arts techniques that rely on a science of body movements. Historically, the word taijutsu was often used interchangeably with jujutsu (as well as many other terms) to refer to a range of grappling skills.

Taijutsu, is a form of traditional Japanese unarmed combat common to a plethora of arts utilized throughout main land Japan’s history. Contemporary belief askews it as singularly applicable to the Takamatsuden arts; this is erroneous. Taijutsu is a generic term meaning ‘body skills’ and thus is not particular to one specific school.

A synthesis of taijutsu applications could be as follows;

Koppojutsu- breaking bones

Koshijutsu- Striking nerve points, muscles, knowledge of the human body, etc.

Taihenjutsu- Evasion, postures, ukemi (rolls/falling), etc.

Dakentaijutsu- Striking patterns, fist formations, conditioning, etc.

Jutaijutsu- Throws, joint locks, pins, etc.

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