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Fanchento is a non-classical form of Chinese kung fu, heavily influenced by the principles of Jeet Kune Do. It attempts to move away from the restrictive limitations of classical style and tradition, being more fluid and adaptive. It bears some similarities to wrestling, kickboxing, judo, aikido and Tai Chi Chuan.

The training is geared towards simplicity aimed at eliminating excess movement and energy. The techniques and exercises are aimed for self-defence and to develop the student’s individual attributes. The techniques aim to be are simple, direct and functional and are applied with economy of motion.

The techniques come from all of the four principles of fighting:

Classes incorporate elements of philosophy and uses techniques similar to those of Yoga. The training regimen is based on the idea that a state of simplicity, calm and self-mastery is the key to success, and that the execution of a fighting style should be instinctive and natural.

Fanchento is based on a set of principles and each teacher and practitioner is encouraged to express those principles in his/ her own way. Further it strongly encourages an open and inclusive attitude to training which means Fanchento draws on a variety of other martial arts and psycho- physical systems both eastern and western that encourage personal growth.

The ‘South African Fanchento Kung Fu Federation’ (S.A.F.K.F.F) is the body that controls Fanchento. It is an international not for profit organisation, whose objective is to promote and spread the practice of Fanchento Kung Fu around the world. The Federation was established in the early 1980s by the President and founder Michael Davidow.

The Federation regulates all aspects of the system and this includes:

The S.A.F.K.F.F is also recognised by several international Ju Jutsu bodies:

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