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Buno is a system of Filipino wrestling like Dumog. There are various Buno styles, one of which is Harimaw Buno. Harimaw Buno, formerly Harimaw Lumad (King of Tiger Wrestling), is a style of Buno used by the Mangyans of Mindoro and the Aetas of Infanta, Quezon. [1]

Although Buno usually use standing throws, control locks, joint manipulation, striking, take-downs and ground wrestling techniques [2], the martial artist can also use weapons. Weapons that the practitioner can use are knives, spears and bow and arrows. However, the main weapon used is the lubid or a four-feet long rope. [1]

Since this martial art was developed by indigenous Filipino tribes, Buno has a number of unorthodox training methods. Training utilizes mud training, canoe training, tamaraw wrestling, log training and tree climbing.[2]

The term “buno” is also used in Filipino to describe people killing each other since it means “to kill” or “to throw” in Tagalog. [3]

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