Chicken Sickles

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The Chicken Sickles (Traditional ?? Simplified ??) are a number of Chinese bladed weapons similar to the Hook sword and the Okinawan Kama. They can be used as a single or double weapon. It is considered the special weapon of the Xinyi Liuhe style.

Ji Zhua Lián (Traditional ??? Simplified ??? – “Chicken-Claw Sickle”). The chicken-claw sickle was constructed from a chicken claw-like piece of metal, along with a spear head, on a length of stick. Its length was about 1.5 ft. The details of this weapon are unknown.

This sickle is more similar in appearance to the Okinawan Kama, with the addition of a spear head.

Ji Dao Lián (Traditional ??? Simplified ??? – “Chicken-Saber Sickle”). This weapon was also called the Kun Hua Yao Zi (Traditional ???? Simplified ???? – “Binding Flower Waist Carry”). The reason for this optional name is unknown. According to legend, this weapon was created by the founder of Xinyi, Ji Long Feng (???), and it became the special weapon of this style. It was made from metal and its length was about 2.5 Chi [32 inches].”[1][2]

This sickle is more similar in appearance to the Hook sword and has a double-edge like a Jian. There are several variations of this weapon. All have the distinctive hook and chicken “spur” on the head, but the sword blade is shortened to a small metal pole-arm. (example) It is used for close-quarters combat.

One noted practitioner of the Chicken-Saber Sickles was Xinyi Liuhe Grandmaster Lu Songgao (???) (d. 1962), one of the “Three Heroes from Zhoukou”.[3][4] Xinyi Liuhe and Wu style Taichi master Dr. Stephen Yan (Yan Zhi Yuan), weapons champion of the First National Xinyi Liuhe Competition held in Henan Province in 2000, is pictured below wielding the Chicken-Sabers.

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In Gu Long’s wuxia novel Jué Dài Shuang Jiao (???? – “The Legendary Twins), a character wields a pair of the Chicken-Claws.[5]

In the 2005 film The Legend of Zorro, Ferroq (Raúl Méndez), the bald henchmen of Count Armand (Rufus Sewell), wields a chicken sickle during his battle with Zorro’s wife, Elena De La Vega (Catherine Zeta-Jones).[6]

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