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Yi quan , also known as dacheng quan, is a martial art system which was founded by the Chinese xingyiquan master, Wang Xiangzhai (???).

Having learned xingyiquan with Guo Yunshen in his childhood,[citation needed] Wang Xiangzhai travelled China, meeting and comparing skills with masters of various styles of kung fu.[citation needed] In the mid-1920s, he came to the conclusion that xingyiquan was often taught wrong,[citation needed] with too much emphasis on ‘outer form’, neglecting the essence of true martial power.[citation needed] He worked to return to what he felt was the true essence of the art using a different name, without the ‘xing’ (meaning form), and began teaching and practicing accordingly.

Yiquan is essentially formless, containing no fixed sets of fighting movements or techniques. Instead, focus is put on developing ones natural movement and fighting abilities through a system of training methods and concepts, working to improve the perception of one’s body, its movement, and of force. Another thing that sets yiquan apart from other eastern martial arts, is that traditional concepts, like qi, meridians, dantian etc. eventually were discarded, the reason being that understanding ones true nature happens in the now and that preconceptions block this process.

Yiquan seems to have been influenced by various other arts that Wang was exposed to, include Fujian hèquán,Tai chi chuan and baguàzhang,[citation needed]. But in fact it was the internal core of these other arts that made them effective. It was this core that master Wang perceived. In essence there is only one principle of merit in all martial arts, one core, one moment of truth.

The actual training in yiquan can generally be divided into:

Two of the teachers of modern yiquan are Yao Chengguang (???) and Yao Chengrong (???), twin sons of Yao Zongxun (???) Others include Cui Ruibin of Beijing. Schools include the Han xing Yuan(???) School, the Han xing qiao (???)School,(Wangs adopted son and the teacher of Yao Zongxun), and the Li Jian Yu (???) School.

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