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WonHwaDo is a relatively new Korean martial art, founded in 1972 by Bong-Ki Han. The name means, roughly, “The Way of Circular Harmony” (Won = Circle, Hwa = Harmony, Do = Way). The basis of the art lies in circular motion, effectively making use of full 360° rotations of the key joints of the human body. This serves to conserve energy and reduce the risk of injury caused by forced linear action.

Founded in 1972 by Grand Master Han Bong Ki WonHwaDo has its origins in traditional Korean dance and prayer. The latter consisted of holding the hands in the traditional prayer position and then rotating them, as if spinning a wheel. This represented the rotation of the Yin and Yang within the person, bringing them into alignment and harmony, thereby bringing peace and healing.

The WonHwaDo techniques are based on 360 degree circular motions that could be shown as a very flowing movement like Aikido or Taichi. Also dynamic throwing techniques, joint locks, punching are used. Kicking techniques are performed based on circular motions of hands, legs and the whole body. Circular power doesn’t stop flowing and it creates a continuous effective attack and defense movement. Since December 2003 the World WonHwado Federation was recognized by the Korean Government as one Korean International Martial Arts Organization and being supported by the Korean government since then.

Circular motion to harmonise with the Universe, Heaven, People, Nature.

There are many diverse techniques thought in WonHwaDo, all based on the fundamental ideal of circular motion. In a normal class there is usually a warm-up to prepare the body, followed by tumbles/rolling exercises and/or various kicks. Many techniques for self-defence are thought, including protections from punches, kicks, locks, and grabs.

There are also 20 Basic Forms, divided into four sub-categories for each of the four cardinal directions. These are:

Weapons are also sometimes used, including the short and medium Stick (Korean: Bong), Sword (Korean: Gum/Kum), Knife, Belt, Tonfa and Nunchaku.

Basically, WonHwaDo has this structure.

Malaysia WonHwaDo Academy

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