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Taiho-Jitsu, Taiho-Jutsu,Goshin Taiho Jutsu and American Taiho-Jitsu are forms of Ju-Jitsu.

The system is designed to be street applicable, and was created for law enforcement in Japan, England and the United States; It has and is also used by airline security, bodyguards and civilians alike.

“Taiho-Jitsu is practiced both standing and with ground applications, against armed and unarmed attacks, against single or multiple attackers” and utilizes “strikes, kicks, joint-locks, baton, rope-tying, hand-cuffing, weapons retention, and verbal commands.”[1]

A well know practictioner and teacher in the U.S. is Alan Cunningham.

In the UK, Sensei Brian Eustace was the founder of the former British Taiho Jutsu Association (BTJA). The BTJA is now part of the British Aikido Association (BAA). Sensei Eustace (9th Dan Taiho Jutsu, 7th Dan Aikido, 2nd Dan Judo) is a former police sergeant and instructor in arrest techniques. He was responsible for establishment of the taiho jutsu system taught to all British police for a number of years.

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