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Svebor is a martial art originating in Serbia. The word Svebor can mean either “srpske veštine borenja” or “sve vrste borenja” which translate as “Serbian martial arts” and “all types of fighting”, respectively.

Before the advent of firearms, soldiers in the Balkans used martial arts to assist them in fighting their enemies. Svebor is based on these martial arts used by Serbian knights in medieval times. The ancient battlefield techniques of Svebor were passed down from one generation to the next in Serbian village culture where it was irrevocably linked to the Serbian Orthodox religion and its monasteries.

The leading authority on Svebor is Predrag ‘Bata’ Miloševic, a professor from Belgrade University who has devoted most of his life to researching martial arts.

Svebor is a highly adaptive form of hand-to-hand combat which also includes weapons such as knives and axes. It is best described as a “rough and ready, no-nonsense” martial art intended to be used on the battlefield, with none of the artificiality of many martial arts in which attacks and defences are so stylised as to be worthless in a real fight. The emphasis is on effectiveness, not on looking pretty. Its footwork includes leaps, falls, and rolls, and takes into account that real fighting can happen while the combatants may be running, possibly on an uneven surface. Svebor includes low kicks, punches, strikes, head-butts, throws, wrestling, and even stone throwing.

Some basic strikes with Svebor:

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