Sul Ki Do

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Sul Ki Do is a Korean Martial Art with an emphasis on practical techniques for self-defense that could be used in real situations where self-defense is required. The term Sul Ki Do comes from three Korean words[1]:

In the UK, Sul Ki Do is taught by the United Kingdom SulKiDo Federation, (UKSF). There are six Sul Ki Do clubs affiliated with the UKSF at Oxford, Cardiff, Epsom, Hackney, Leytonstone and Waltham Abbey.

In Sul Ki Do, there is an extensive syllabus of techniques for students to learn, which includes a variety of punches, kicks, blocks, throws and breakfalls. Once a student becomes proficient enough at unarmed combat, weapons training is also taught. In Sul Ki Do, the long staff (known as a Bong) is used in initial weapons training, followed by sword techniques.

In Sul Ki Do, there are ten levels of the syllabus (known as gups) through which one must progress in order to reach Black-belt level (the dan ranks).[2]

These are:

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