Shorin-ryu Shidokan

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Shorin-ryu Shidokan (??????, Shorin-ryu Shidokan?) is a branch of the Kobayashi Shorin-ryu style of Okinawan Karate, developed by Katsuya Miyahira, Hanshi 10th Dan.

It should not be confused with Shidokan, another style of Karate.

In October 1948, Katsuya Miyahira opened his first karate dojo in Kanehisa, Nishihara, Okinawa,[1] after receiving his Shihan (4th rank) Certificate from Choshin Chibana.[2] Miyahira chose to name his dojo Shido-kan (???, “House of the Way of the Warrior”).[3] “Shido” was taken from the Analects by Confucius, chapter seven, verse six in book four of the twenty volume collection; which reads:

Upon Chibana’s death in 1969, Chibana’s most senior student, Katsuya Miyahira, received the hanko (official seals of the organization) and was voted president of the Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate-do Association.[1] Chibana most senior students split the style of Shorin-ryu karate into various schools, Miyahira heading the Shido-kan (???) style.[2]

Argentina: Shoei Miyazato [4], another student of Miyahira’s, moved to Argentina in 1959. Miyazato began teaching Shido-kan in his new hometown, Cordoba.[5] In the early 1990s, Miyazato left Shido-kan to head his own style of karate. Beginning in 1996, Shido-kan in Argentina was reestablished by Jorge Garzón, 6th Dan, who has a dojo in La Plata, Buenos Aires. Garzón is a student of Takeshi Miyagi, an 8th Dan who previously lived in Argentina, but currently resides in Okinawa. Miyagi is a student of Miyahira.[6]

Philippine Islands: In 1963, Miyahira received a request to supply a Shorin-ryu instructor to the Philippine Islands. Seikichi Iha, a student of Miyahira’s, was selected, and spent 11 months in Manila at the dojo of Latino Gonzales.[7] [8]

United States: In 1967, Iha went to Los Angeles, California, USA to teach at the American-Okinawan Club. After 7 months, Iha opened the Shureikan Dojo on Olympic Blvd with two other 7th Dan black belts. A year later, Iha started his own dojo on West Pico Blvd and named it Shidokan Karate Dojo. Iha moved to Lansing, Michigan in April 1975, and began teaching at the Original Okinawa Karate Dojo. Iha is currently ranked Hanshi, 10th Dan.[7]

Guam: In 1969, Iha and Seigi Shiroma traveled to Guam. Shiroma stayed there and opened a dojo. Shiroma is currently ranked 9th Dan.[2]

Germany: Shido-kan Germany is headed by Joachim Laupp, 8th Dan, who teaches in Trier.[9]

Australia: Shido-kan Australia is headed by Abet Presincula, 7th Dan. Presincula has a dojo in Albion, Victoria, and is a student of Iha.[10]

Brazil: In August 1990, Kazunori Yonamine, began teaching Shido-kan in the city of São Vicente, Brazil. In subsequent years, Yonamine’s students spread Shido-kan throughout Brazil to the cities of Piracicaba, São Paulo, Santos and Itajubá. Today there are up to 17 Shido-kan dojos across these towns. Yonamine is currently a 9th Dan.[11]

Canada: Roy Paul, 5th Dan, is the head of Shido-kan in Canada. He is a student of Iha and has a dojo in Guelph, Ontario.[10] [12] Shido-kan Canada celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2006.[13]

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