Ling Lom

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Ling lom, also known as Hanuman boxing, means “air monkey” or “dancing monkey” and is a martial art practiced in Thailand and Laos. Ling lom includes both striking and ground-fighting. Ground fighting techniques traditionally taught in Muay Thai, but rarely used in modern sport bouts, are sometimes referred to in Thailand as ling lom, though this is not technically correct.

Ling lom’ s techniques were originally practiced as part of Muay Lopburi, one of the main regional forms of Muay Thai. The city of Lopburi was said to have been founded by Hanuman, the monkey general of the Ramayana (Thai: Ramakien, Lao: Pra Lak Pra Lam), and still has a reputation of being the “city of monkeys”. Ling lom began as an imitation of Hanuman’s movements and its Hindu origins account for the style’s strong influence from Indian martial arts

Some of the techniques displayed by Tony Jaa in the popular Thai martial arts film Ong-Bak: Muay Thai Warrior are taken from Ling Lom.

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