Lau Gar

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Lau Gar (Traditional Chinese: ? ?; pinyin: Liú Jia; Yale Cantonese: Lau4 Ga1); is known as a southern Chinese Martial Art.

1. Lau Sam-Ngan (???; pinyin: Liú Sanyan; Yale Cantonese: Lau4 Saam1 Ngaan5); literally “Three Eyed” Lau.

According to legend Lau Sam-Ngan learned martial arts from Jee Sin, a Chan (Zen) master at the Southern Shaolin Temple.

Jee Sin (ak Gee Sum Sim See) was also the teacher of Hung Hei Gun,Choy Gau Lee, Mok Da Si, Lau Sam-Ngan and Li Yao San. Together these five students later became the famous founders of five of the southern shaolin styles (Hung Ga, Choy Gar, Mok Gar, Li Gar and Lau Gar).

(this Fist short small fine fierce ??????) (step is slightly high ????) (step skill Spirit Alive many changing ??????) (including chest gathering breath/Qi ????) (good in sending short vigor/power ????, (Exiting Fist Elbow micro/short bending ???????

(Liu Family Fist works primarily by spirit ???????) (Short Bridge Short Horse ????)? (Kung Fu Bright ????)? (Clever Agile ????)? (step moving 4 directions ????)? (Fist Strike 8 surface ????)?

(Like Entering Resembles Pursuing Wind Arrow ??????)? (Draw Back Resembles Thunger Lightning Flash ?????)? (Moving Step Must be Nimble ?????)? (Exiting Hand resembles the Mist ?????), (if many yes by Hanging Horse ??????)? (towing horse ??)? (side dodging and so on technique. ??????)?

(but hand technique on then yes birds beast Claw?????????(Bird Beast namely a spider ?????))? (Shrimp Male Waist ???(Shrimp Male Namely Male Shrimp ?????)), (Beast Bird Claw refers to its bridge hand is fast and agile ?????????????), (The shrimp male waist refers to utilizing waist strength – must bends the back for explosive force ?????????????????????)?

(Big Moving Heaven ???)

(Small MovingHeaven ???)

(10 fist/Cross Fist ??)

(Heaven Wild Goose ???)