Kadochnikov’s Systema

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Kadochnikov’s Systema (referred to as “Systema”) is a Russian martial art developed by Aleksey Alekseyevich Kadochnikov.

In development since 1962, this is a system said to be based on the application of the physical sciences, such as laws of mechanics/biomechanics/physics/psychology, etc. to hand to hand combat and survival. Unlike other systems that teach techniques, Kadochnikov System applies principles or applications of physical laws to combat. Kadochnikov’s belief is that this method will make the learning process faster, and thus create more effective hand to hand methods.

Kadochnikov’s system is based upon the study of ancient Russian styles, Spiridinovian style (an original form of Sambo), various WW II Soviet hand to hand combat methods, as well as various contributions since 1962 by other Soviet and Russian sources.

Up until 1979, Kadochnikov primarily taught in small military units in the military of the Soviet Union as a consultant. In 1979, he was employed at the Krasnodar Rocket Engineering School to become an instructor in mechanical engineering, and later, he was given the department of Combatives to lead and teach. In 1991, after the fall of the Soviet Union, Kadochnikov’s system was made public to the post-Soviet public. In 1995, a school was set up for him at the Krasnodar Polytechnical Institute where he and other researchers furthered the system. In 2000, he was awarded a Russian patent for his work, and his system became Russian national property. In 2002, he left the A. A. Kadochnikov School, which was renamed the International Academy of Personal Safety; to begin his own intra-national organization. He currently teaches in Russia to civilians and government personnel alike.

Some of his foremost public students have included Arkadij Kadochnikov; Alexander Retuinskih (Founder of ROSS); A. Miroshrenko; Victor Zavgorodnij (Found of SPS).

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