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Ba Fa, or Eight Methods, is a Chinese martial art developed by Li De Mao (???) during the Qing dynasty. He combined the techniques of Fanziquan (??), Paochui (??), Tantui (??), Tongbeiquan (??) and Xingyiquan (??) into a new style based on the theory of eight methods ( ??).[1] [2]. The eight methods are: outer trap, inner trap and stab, flick, support, shake, chop and reel. (‘???????????????’) This style includes both single forms, pair training [3], as well as weapon training such as spear, saber and sword. Eight Methods Big Spear (Da Qiang, ??), also known as the Big Pole, is a specialty of this style. This technique first appear in 1906, just before the Revolution of 1911. It combines the methods of the Yue-family spear (???), Pear-flower Spear (???) and Liuhe Spear (???) with principles of the eight methods. It is also design to work on foot or on horse back. [4]

Ba Fa Quan is popular in regions such as Shanxi (??), Datong (??), Inner Mongolia (Nei Menggu ???) and Yuencheng City.[5]

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